Private Building Certifiers
Residential Certifiers are the Residential Certification Division of the Private Building Certifiers Group. We are highly experienced Accredited Building Certifiers providing construction certification, building approval, independent building inspections, bushfire assessments and building code consultancy services in all areas of Sydney and throughout NSW. We offer a proactive, and efficient service which aims to exceed our client’s expectations throughout each stage of the project.

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Our Committment to You
As a Private Building Certifiers client, you will enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced accredited certifier from your area with a proactive and common sense approach to assist in guiding you through the building approval process. We are aware of the demanding pressures of the construction industry, the regulatory and the legislative requirements. Private Building Certifiers strive to provide an efficient and pro-active service to ensure the success of your project.

NSW Housing Code
Private Building Certifiers are Complying Development Specialists.
If you want to build a new one or two storey home, renovate or extend your existing home, add a granny flat or a construct a deck or swimming pool then you may be eligible for a Complying Development Approval by our office. A Complying Development Approval is a fast track combined planning and construction approval without the need to go to council. Please contact us to find out further details.

We service the following local government areas:


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